February 17, 2010

Magnetic Credit Card Pipe - Product Review

Magnetic Credit Card Pipe
$ 12.09

The Magnetic Credit Card gets most of it's points in the novelty column. At first you might think it would be cool to have a pipe that you could carry around in your wallet, but it's not that convenient to have an inflexible piece of metal in your wallet. Still though, it's ultra small, and it comes completely apart.

The pipe is fully functional. It's three sperate layers click together and apart with magnetic ease. It supplies a really nice drag, and because it comes a part each hit can be as smooth as the last. Just pop it apart and you'll realize how easy it is to clean. This is the perfect option for all neat-freak stoners, who get over paranoia by making sure everything around is clean before lighting up

This is another item from the marijuana superstore, Grasscity.com. We refer to them as the Wal-Mart of marijuana accessories, and the fact that we're reviewing multiple items from them is evidence to that assessment. Grass City claims to be the only place to get the credit card pipe, which isn't entirely true. There are other places, but Grass City always appears to be the most reliable if not the least expensive option.


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