February 2, 2010

Jamullah - Scented T-Shirt

Jamullah's Freedom Gift Shop

You'll always smell like weed after you smoke but your clothes don't have to.

Jamullah isn't just about T-Shirts, it's also poetry and art. Even though shirts aren't their everything they are still able to take it up a notch with scented tees. Their line of scented t-shirts, blends designs with soft scents that are just strong enough to enjoy.

Jamullah Scented T-Shirts - Durascent

The scents are supposed to stay in the shirts for many washes. I haven't washed mine yet, but for as long as the scent lasts it's novelty is just a bonus. The designs on the shirts are the real catch. Not all of the shirts have marijuana themes, but there's plenty interesting ones in the batch. Though it does help that you can choose scents such as the classic patchouli oil, rose, hemp, and the Snoop Dogg "Lightin Up" shirts come in hemp and cherry.

The shirt I received was the "Jamullah Signature", it was peppermint scented. The design on the shirt is a piece of original art work in the Jamullah style. The peppermint scent also proved to be a pretty cool addition. It's not strong like cologne, instead it smells like the shirt was dried with peppermint scented fabric softener. It's natural and unobtrusive.

The Freedom Gift Shop also sells grinders. Each one comes with the trademark Jamullah Fish engraved on top. If you don't already have a grinder, this is a good one to get if you're feeling artsy. The Jamullah pollen grinders are also equipped with all the features a regular smoker should have. A screen that catches the weed as it drops through, and another compartment under the screen to catch your keif. Keif is a fine powder with super potency that get's separated from marijuana when grinding.


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