February 11, 2010

IGrow - Marijuana Megastore

IGrow is the first of it's kind in the marijuana retail community. It is the Wal-Mart of grow stores and it's opening up in Oakland, California. It is a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse, they supply everything a grower would need. The even have an in house doctor that issues medical cards.

Oakland has been on the forefront of Medical Marijuana innovations since they started them by being the first city to create a law allowing pot clubs. Since then they have started Oaksterdam, where you can learn to grow like a pro, and have taken steps to tax marijuana. With IGrow Oakland has secured their spot as the professional stoner's paradise.

The huge warehouse holds everything a newbie would need to start a growing system to fit his location, needs, and budget. Anyone with a Medical Marijuana Card can legally grow marijuana. The amount they can grow is enough for them to smoke and make a sizeable profit selling to clinics, if they can grow well enough. Now anyone can.

IGrow opened on January 28th, to an exciting crowd that contained city council members, popular pot icons, and many eager marijuana growers and lovers. They now offer complete grow information and even have a mobile assistance team. The team, the "Grow Squad", is a potent twist on Best Buy's "Geek Squad".

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