February 10, 2010

Bubble Gum - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrid

Bubble Gum, or Bubblelicious, is an Indica dominant Hybrid marijuana strain. It originated somewhere in Indiana, USA and ended up making it's way to Holland. When a marijuana strain travels as much as Bubble Gum has, it means it's good, and it also means there are going to be many variations of it.

Bubble Gum has leaves that range in color from light to medium dark leaves. The leaves are covered in crystals and are also sticky with resin. It's nugs are also covered in long thick orange hairs. We zoomed in on a really hairy nug in the picture to the left It really does look pretty delicious.

Of course since it's Bubble Gum it's taste is going to be a major characteristic. his strain has a very sweet smell and taste. Whether or not it tastes like Bubble Gum is subjective, but you'll definitely taste how freshly sweet it is. The smoke will cause coughing, and you'll be hit pretty heavy. This bud is good for extreme downtime and relaxation. Mentally you'll be more locked in to your train of thought, in fact you might become submerged in it if you zone out.

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