February 17, 2010

7 Deadly "Stoner" Sins

Here are 7 states of mind or actions that all stoners should stay away from. Some of them are modified from the original seven deadly sins. READ and BEWARE.

7. Begging: When you ask a fellow pot lover to smoke you out. This is the least of all stoner sins. Sharing is an innate part of stoner culture, and there are many situations in which it's okay to ask your friend to pack a bowl for two. But if you're always asking it can get annoying, and people will avoid you.

6. Bougarding: When you hold on to the pipe or joint for too long. Stoners tend to get easily distracted. It can be frustrating to wait for the guy next to you to pass the bud. So remeber hit it and quit it... we're only talking about weed here.

5. Paranoia: When you're so high you start thinking your friends stole your snacks, when really you already ate them, or left them in the car. That's just one example of how stoners can get a little too paranoid. Oh, and no those people over there aren't talking about you, they have their own lives.

4. Sloth: When you spend large amounts of time doing nothing because your high. This is especially bad when you actually have things you should be doing. The lazy stoner is a stereotype, but it's also a reality in some cases.

3. Gluttony: When you get the munchies and can't stop eating. Over eating is bad for your health. Eating all your friends food is bad for your social relationships. Even with the munchies you can control how much and what you eat.

2. Greed: When you take an extra hit in a smoke session. Smoking in a group means whatever you're toking belongs to everybody. The traditional rule is one hit per person, but not everybody follows this rule.

1. Fiending: When you need to get high. Marijuana is not physically addictive, but depending on the person it can be mentally addicting. Nobody should use marijuana to hide from problems in their life. If you do you'll find you're investing to much of yourself and your money in pot. For instance, there should be no spending money on weed when you need books for school, or for any other important life needs. Weed is just a plant, it has great qualities, but if you lose perspective it can become a crutch.

*Photos from splifr on flickr

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