January 17, 2010

Top 6 Unhealthy Stoner Habits

It's hard to say anything negative about marijuana without people thinking you're attacking it. Fortunately this isn't about weed itself, it's about the user. This is a list of 6 habits every stoner should avoid or get rid of, in no particular order.

1. Unhealthy Pipes:

Inside every stoner lies at least twenty episodes of McGyver, helping them build bongs and/or pipes out of anything, leaving no stash un-smoked. Sometimes though, the creation isn't very good for you. Heating up most plastics and metals (i.e. bottles and cans), and then inhailing the smoke is bad for you. Marijuana smoke alone has never been shown to cause cancer, but don't risk adding damaging chemicals to what you breathe in. If you really want the best for your lungs you should just get a vaporizer.

2. Laziness

Smoking weed has the unavoidable side effect of reducing physical activity, especially if you're smoking an Indica strain. Why Indica? Well Indica strains contain more THC, the effect is basically that you feel the high more in your body, rather than in your head as with Sativas (Learn More About Strains). It's used for it's ability to relax the body, and it also makes you more lethargic. It's true some stoners don't get lazy, but others get trapped in feelings like "couch-lock", being locked to your couch, virtually immobile.

There's nothing wrong with chilling out and relaxing after work, or anytime, but you have to remember your body needs physical activity. In order to live healthy lives we need to abandon our living rooms and televisions, and get out and do stuff. Gradening, Sports, Walking...

3. Unhealthy Munchies:

Munchies are always going to be a part of smoking weed for some people. It's practically a sacred tradition. However, if you're a regular smoker and want to stay healthy you can't go all out every time you get high. Your wallet and your body will be much happier if you don't torture them with fast foods and processed foods too often. Learn to keep healthy snacks in your house too. That way you can still fill your belly without packing on the pounds.

4. Smoking Resin:

Some smokers call it resin others just call it the black crap that sticks to the inside of your pipe. For many stoners it's like a reserve for if you run out of weed. The idea is that if you heat up the black tar, it still contains a little of marijuana's active ingredients, and can get you high. It's true, it works, but it's definitely not good for you. Using butane lighters or any fuel to heat up already burnt material and whatever your piece is made out of and inhaling that is a bad idea. If you run out of weed, it would be better to just wait if until you get more. You'll survive and it's a good practice of self control.

5. Isolation:

Isolation doesn't affect your body, its about mental health, which is equally important. Everyone who has smoked weed knows that it can alter the way you think. It can make things funnier, it can bring a rush of interesting albiet strange ideas, and it can also create social barriers. Being alone isn't a bad thing. Isolation stabilizes our environment, but we humans are social beings and sometimes what I call lonely-stoner-syndrome can get in the way of our relationships.

Stoners get lost in their heads and sometimes its hard to let other people in, especially if we feel like they're judging us. Remember, the people around you, your friends and family, they all love you. Try to realize that trusting them has more to do with accepting them and their thoughts than them accepting you. Trust that, and you'll realize it's always worth the risk to be vulnerable.

6. Gasoline/Cinnamon Fights

Alright, so there is no 6th Unhealthy Smoking Habit. It's not that hard to be a healthy stoner, it goes hand in hand with just having common sense. Be active, eat right and have fun. I was serious about the gasoline/cinnamon fights, there's never a happy ending with either.

Photo is from splifr on flickr. An awesome photographer who shares his work.

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