January 30, 2010

Stiletto Stoners - Pot Culture

Are you a "Stiletto Stoner"
Stiletto Stoner is a phrase popularized by Marie Claire magazine to describe adult women, especially career women, who smoke pot. The buzz that it has created is like a fresh breeze for those who live under the taboo of being a stoner. It's like a nod from the media letting you know your not alone, lots of people smoke weed. In a test they found 8 million women in America have smoked marijuana In the last week.

Marie Claire magazine went on msnbc with Dr. Julie Holland to explain the Stiletto Stoner trend, and actually did a pretty good job to advocate for legalization in the process, albeit indirectly. Groups like @moms4marijuana on twitter, have been trying to show America that there are regular people who smoke pot. What's funny is most of the women who smoke pot aren't afraid of get caught, or of addiction, (MarieClaire.com) but it's still a burden to live part of your life in secret.

The inclusion of the Stiletto Stoner into popular social stereotypes, should be an eye opener for anyone else who believes Americans cannot manage smoking marijuana. It's a clue that there are active members in society that smoke pot. Some of them wear stilettos, some of them are teachers or lawyers. All of them are intelligent enough to balance their own lives, and have taken the freedom to do so. Unfortunately some of them have also ended up as one of hundreds of thousands arrested for possession of tiny amounts of pot.

The story has gone through the wires multiple times now, but for most the message stays hidden. America is turning large groups of people into criminals, but they're finding out that most Americans don't choose their morals based on what is legal They choose their laws based on what they think is moral. More and more marijuana legalization seems inevitable, unfortunately that makes the situations of those who are being arrested and their families, so much sadder.

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