January 15, 2010

Kristen Stewart - Pot Culture Impact

Alright, it's been a while since it came out that Twilight star Kristen Stewart smokes a little weed, but we're slow. All the buzz surrounding Kristen Stewart's upgrade in status to pothead has a weird and wide ranging ring.

This always happens when people we celebrate, known as celebrities, show us a little more of who they are. We get all crazy and start thinking about what that one persons actions mean about, society, life, and ourselves individually. Well the answer should be that it doesn't mean anything. Alas, our obsession with celebrities is deep, so I've been thinking about the other implications a stoner Kristen Stewart has on our lives.

Well for us in the stoner community this just made Kristen Stewart a little cooler or more normal. It might not be enough to make us sit in a theater with a bunch of screaming preteens and cougars, but it gave the movie a few points with people who'd have avoided it till death and the many years after, vampirism permitting. Though, if you've seen Cake Eaters, 2007, you'd have reason enough to keep your eyes on Kristen Stewart. The revelation also gave a bunch of guy and girl potheads the idea that she'd be really cool to hang out with. Probably because a smoke session never sounds like a bad idea.

* There are those out there, old farts, a super conservatives, and the like who took this opportunity to bash on her a little. Even those who realize that pot is relatively harmless ripped on her for being a bad role model. Well that's just ridiculous. It's not bad for kids to see adults doing adult things, expose them young and state the honest pros/cons. If they have any intelligence, they'll make the right decision for themselves when the time comes. Plus for a girl who sees no problem in being obsessively in love with a dead guy doomed to hell, pot use doesn't even qualify as a downfall.

Marijuana culture has to be the strangest phenomenon of the American lifestyle. Millions of people smoke weed. Many if not most of our parents, celebrities and even politicians have all tried it. All of the presidents we've had since at least Clinton, have admitted to it. I mean come on, Ben Franklin did it and Thomas Jefferson wrote about reminiscently in his journals. Yet it remains illegal and is still considered taboo. I'll never understand it. For now it'll just have to be enough that pot is at least as appealing as the undead.

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