January 20, 2010

5 Smoke Session Ideas

Here's some great ways to get high with a group of friends. There is nothing better than sharing a high with a few close stoner pals. Here are some ways you might not have tried.

1. Hotbox:

Every cannabis lover should know what a hot box is. It goes like this. Get a car, at least three friends, wind up the windows, then... light'r up. The idea is simple, fill the car with smoke. Once it's thick enough you'll be getting higher and higher with every breath.

It's always fun to see a bunch laughing comrades spill out of a smoke filled car. Though it's not so funny when the first escape of potent pot smoke is in the face of a cop standing outside your window. Well it's not funny right away at least.

2. Multi-Smoke Circle

The Mutli-Smoke Circle is the best way to ensure that everyone in the group gets higher, faster. Instead of packing one bowl or rolling one joint you double or triple that amount, depending on the number of participants. It sounds simple but it's really genius.

Nobody likes waiting for the piece, blunt, or whatever to get all the way around the circle and back to them. What's worse is when you have a bogart in the group. A guy who just sits there talking or zoned out with the goods in his hand. Normally all you can do is stare at him, but if there are other pipes to be had you're likely to be more content. You might even think his drawn out explanation of how airport "moving walkways" could replace roads, is actually interesting.

Be careful though, three densely packed bowls sometimes deliver more of a wallop than expected. That probably sounds more like an advertisement than a warning.

3. Hookah

The mainstream use of Hookahs is currently flavored tobacco, but if you own your own it can be a really stylish way to get high with some friends. Hookahs are like art pieces, quite like bongs, but more bohemian. If you put one of these in the center of a group of friends, you can take rips from your own personal hoses whenever you want.

The smoke in a hookah is filtered through water so it's smooth. If you add a little flavoured tobacco it can also be tasty.

4. Brownies

Woo Hoo, brownie party. Sorry, but this one is exciting. Having a weed brownie party is really fun. The key to success is 1. making sure the brownies are really potent, 2. making sure you still have weed left over to smoke, and 3. making a regular batch for munchies later. If all of the brownies have weed in them it will cause an endless cycle of high, munchies, high, munchies.... and on and on till you pass out.

Get some friends together, and work together to make the brownies, because it can be a lot of work for one person. Plus if you have a smoke session before you start it'll be a night to remember, but you definitely won't. ( duh says," because weed makes you forget")

5. Weed Pump

This one might be better to talk about than to actually attempt, but it's definitely the most interesting and high tech way to get a few friends really high. The weed pump is an idea that's only been widely demonstrated on two occasions. Once on a viral video, and once on stage at the stony awards.

This needs a slightly larger budget than the others and maybe some engineering experience. It works by using an air pump to suck air through ignited weed and out into you face at a much higher volume than human lungs could ever hope to accomplish. It would be a very bad idea and probably mean death if you tried to inhale it directly, and so the accepted use is to pump the huge amount of smoke into a closed of area. Kind of like hot boxing, but it can be with rooms too.

This one is dangerous. If done properly it could get you really high, if done recklessly it could cause you to die. And don't let the rhyme make you think that was a joke.

Runner-Up: The Really Fat Blunt

This one is fun. Just pack a whole bunch of weed into an oversized blunt wrap. It can be cool, and expensive, but that's what friends are for. Share the cost, nad then share the enourmous high to follow. See How big you can get it.

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