January 1, 2010

Nearly Standing Stoner - Too Many Hits

The argument against marijuana for recreational use is broad. One of the speaking points is how much stronger marijuana is today than it used to be. In California especially growers have developed super strains that are far more reliable and far more potent. Comparing today's weed with it's ancestor is like comparing snapping turtles to Ninja Turtles. Both are formidable, but the latter can really fuck you up.

Getting stoned these days can be a far lengthier and more wild adventure than it used to be. Modern buds have a much higher THC content, making the highs heavier. With weed this strong do we really need to smoke as much?

Every time one of those new extra potent strains comes out, it holds the much hailed potential to get you more baked than whatever you bought last week. After a while you might want and should want to ask, "Then why do I still smoke as much".

Every thing in moderation, even your weed. Stronger weed isn't the only reason to keep an eye on how much you smoke. Stoners have a tendency to take hit after hit, whether they're tokin' alone or in a group session. If you take a look at your smoking habits you may notice that sometimes you're getting, dare I say it, "too high".

Like everything in life there is a middle way with marijuana use. There's no need to get "really faded" every time you smoke. Learn the joy of snappers. Experience the full range and degrees of "stoned", and the learn to appreciate the difference. Analyzing your personal habits is a New Year's pastime. So this year strive to learn that even though over indulgence isn't the same thing as addiction, it's still a sneaky way of stealing from yourself.

That said, Happy Tokin' in the New Decade.

Nearly Standing Stoner

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