December 4, 2009

Master Sweet Tooth - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrid

If you can guess where the hybrid Master Sweet Tooth got the "Master" in it's name, you're one more step toward becoming a weed connoisseur. If you guessed that Sweet Tooth is actually a Master Jedi then you aren't too far off, but you're definitely wrong. Master Sweet Tooth is a cross between the original Sweet Tooth strain (which is also a hybrid), and the legendary Indica, Master Kush, from which it get's it name.

Master Sweet Tooth has thin crispy leaves. That is not to say however that the leaves are dry. They are covered in resinous crystals, and as long as you are in possession of a good batch, the buds will sticky and tough to break up. It won't just crumble into under pressure. The orange hairs are noticeable, but not prominent.

This strain of marijuana has a skunk-y smell to it that also has hints of sweet fruitiness. The effects of this plant are likely to get the user "stoned" in the way that Indicas do it. It provides a heavy body buzz.

"Master Sweet Tooth will make you feel the force, but it'll all be in your head." - Ill Conceived Star Wars Joke


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