November 7, 2009

"That's How We Roll!" - Journey to the Joint

That's How We Roll is a journal of photography by Sebastien Roche-Lochen searching for the meaning behind the method of "rolling the perfect joint". It's a perfect match for every stoner's coffee table or bookshelf. Lochen's images turn the spotlight on an interesting aspect of cannabis culture, magnifying and analyzing it. Lochen also makes it clear he does not support prohibition.

"There is beauty in the ritual of rolling a joint and I felt like it was my mission to show it to the world." - Sebastien Roche-Lochen
Preface of "That's How We Roll"

Looking at these collected portraits you alternate between being aware of each person being unique and being aware of how their task unifies them. It's just a bunch of people getting their joints ready. Even comedian Doug Benson and porn actress Penny Flame blend into the mix.

That's How We Roll is 94 pages of color photography. It's available through Barnes & Noble. You'll have to order it in store of go to
Tip: The book has a self portrait in black and white near the end, a cool little gift from the photographer.

Sebastien Roche Lochen:

"That's How We Roll is a collection of color pictures depicting cannabis users in their environment during the four different stages in the process of rolling a joint. The concept behind this book is to capture the look and concentration on everyone's faces and see how focused and eager they seem during that ritual regardless of their age and ethnicity. The other reason for the book is to show that everyone is doing it and that ending this ludicrous prohibition is the next logical step..."



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