April 20, 2009

Hindu Kush - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Indica

Hindu Skunk is a hybrid of very elite genotypes from both the Indica and Sativa branches of cannabis. It's two parents, Hindu Kush and Skunk (#1), lent it their names. Having such legendary ancestors is enough to build up Hindu Skunk's reputation.

The buds of this strain are small nugs with light green leaves. Crystals cover both the leaves and the clumps of orange hairs. It's been grown in the mountains of Afghanistan since the 1970s and was originally selected for distribution by Sacred Seeds.

Hindu Kush is tasty. It's flavors are a blend of sweet and fruity as well as darker spicy and hash flavors. It has a powerful dank hash smell right when you open the container. The buzz is slow acting, but powerful. It's a full body high but won't keep you in couch lock. Hindu Kush is a medium between dank Sativa uppers and the knock out Indicas.

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