November 2, 2009

Getting Your Medical Marijuana Card - Nearly Standing Stoner

Getting a medical marijuana is the number one priority of any stoner living in an American state that permits it. The system California in particular has put in place for getting your "card" is easy, and it makes sense. All you really need is your doctors prescription, which is issued as a card or on a sheet of paper after an exam.

For people who don't live in a state our country that allows use of marijuana for any purpose would love the experience of being able to safely purchase marijuana. One thing the American government has been correct about is the danger in the world of drugs. What they don't know is that they've been causing this danger. They've pushed their own citizens into the hands of drug dealers who can sometimes be very unreliable and/or dangerous.

A medical marijuana card is a pass out of the dark into a world of information and open living. Instead of meeting people in parking lots at two in the morning, medical marijuana smokers can pick up a variety of medicinal grade strains on their way home from work. All of the dispensaries are also extremely secure and can even be luxurious. This is perhaps the government system with the highest citizen approval. Still some politicians don't seem to be paying any attention.

If marijuana and any other drugs were to be legalized they would benefit from having similar systems. It makes sense for a person to at least consult a doctor before they begin to use a drug, no matter what the reason. Doctors can provide people with health relevant information.

If governments took up the role of making sure their citizens were properly informed, it would go a lot farther than trying to control them. The example set by the medical marijuana system is proof of the benefits of information and safe access.

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