November 11, 2009

Ganja Gadgets: Stash-Boxes.Com - Gear And Arts Review

The main thing about is they don't play around with their product. These stash boxes are not for beginners or amateurs. They're for people who like they're weed fresh and pampered. It's not just about necessity it's about luxury.

"I find most stoners are a little messy with the things that they get high with......Most cannabis smoking homes have little plastic bags with weed and hash in them......rolling papers and tips all over th place....I had a need to get something which I could contain all of this minus the plastic bags!!" - Stash-Boxes.Com

The stash boxes come in sizes ranging from mini to elite. Each box is made with plantation grown wood. Which is as close to "renewable" or "environmentally beneficial" as wood gets. All of them even the little mini screens and catchers for crystals, trichrombes.

The company is set in Amsterdam. You have to imagine that there is a large number of high level connoisseurs there. That sort of person is the ideal client for Stash-Boxes.Com's Elite Model. For the average stoner it would be over kill, but if you have the quantity and want supreme quality then your search ends here.

The 'Elite' looks as insane as it does amazing. The manufactures want you to know it's not just about looks though. They let you know that's what the other guys do, but this is the real fully functional thing. It comes with vents built in the back and it's own hygrometer. That way you can keep your bud stored at ideal humidity.


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