October 16, 2009

Vegan Stoner - Making Munchies Work

Vegan Stoner is a new feature of Baked Life.

Even stoners who spend their time busting marijuana myths, all have to agree that munchies are in fact real for many people, and they can be a problem. (Not just the possibility of having a Harold and Kumar like adventure.) For the pothead who also wants to be healthy and in shape, a lifestyle that causes them to over-eat constantly isn't an option. The only solution is to find a way to smoke, get the munchies, and not make bad eating and nutritional choices. Despite my moniker of the "Vegan Stoner", vegan-ism isn't a solution I'd suggest, that's a choice best made for other, more direct, reasons. There are better ways.

One thing many people want to know is why Marijuana causes the munchies in the first place. What could possibly make someone think putting mustard, olives, and Parmesan cheese on a slice of bread, could be considered a "poor man's" pizza. The actual cause of of the "munchies" has to do with the type of receptors that THC affects. These receptors are called cannaboids. Cannaboids exist naturally in our brain, and from what is currently understood they may control our body's regulation of the abilities to feel less pain, control your movement, relax, eat, forget, and sleep.

What Marijuana does is it stimulates these areas to a far greater extent than our bodies usually do. Which means there is nothing you can do about getting the munchies or not, but you can decided not to buy a bag of chips to satisfy that hunger. Whenever self control is the solution many people think "oh, so I have to make myself miserable". That's why it may be easier to think of it as self manipulation. Instead of looking at a bag of chips in your cabinet and deciding not to eat it, plan ahead, don't buy the chips and instead surround yourself before smoking with foods that promote your idea of a healthy "you".

Make sure to present yourself with an exciting variety of healthier foods. Stoners have cravings that rival those of pregnant women.It's also important to have a back up plan in cas you accidentally consume more than you intended; like catching yourself after being unable to pass up the simple but enticing irony of having the munchies and eating a bag of Fritolay brand Munchies chips, funny stuff. The best thing to remember is that for every calorie you take in you can burn one too. So if your feeling bad about deep frying and eating an entire bag of grapes, grab your shorts and head to the gym or outside for a run.

A lot of this is simply being more aware. Pay attention to your decisions and realize your options, and you'll find it's not that hard for you to smoke, and stay fit.

Stoner Tip: Smoking a dominant or pure sativa just before a work out is said to create a high energy, enjoyable focused work out.

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-Vegan Stoner

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