October 12, 2009

Campus Cannabis - How to Survive Being High In Class

It's up to each individual to decide whether or not school and academia mix well with weed. That was the topic of last week's article. Now it's time to teach those who will go to class stoned, how not to let it affect them socially or academically. Basically this will help you survive being high in class.


Getting high makes you forget so it's best to get ready ahead of time. Here's a general list of things to have ready, in a bag, or on your person.

1. Keys, Wallet, etc - never leave these behind
2. Homework - You'll kick your self if you forget
3. Class Book - This way you can pretend you care, or follow along if you do
4. Paper, Pens, etc - not being able to note-take or doodle can be terrible
4. Eye Drops - lets you blend in
5. Gum - cancels weed breath and can substitute for a munchies
6. Water - the anti-cotton mouth
7. Silent Munchie - There's nothing wrong with a snack as long as you keep it quiet.

Get these things ready as early as possible,
even the day before.


When it comes to smoking, know that the earlier the better. If you can get up early, smoke, then shower or just smoke in the shower your going to find it makes you a lot less paranoid, but if it was that easy you wouldn't need this guide.

So what if your smoking in your car on campus. In that case remember first of all to park in the middle of a group of cars. It makes you harder and less likely to be seen by someone who is too far away for you to notice.

Also keep your windows up, that's right "hot box" it. It's better that the entire weed smell and smoke comes out in one flush. Plus by the time it's coming out your headed away from the source, fleeing the scene, so to speak. If you leave a window cracked your letting out pungent smelling smoke signals to everyone around.

One last thing remember not to leave your pipe or weed out in the open in your car. It would be terrible for a passerby to take notice, and get you in trouble.

In Class Behavior

Silence your cell phone. Turning it off is too severe. Not to mention it's like trying to preach abstinence. We need cell phones, but you won't want to draw any negative attention so just keep it quiet.

Answering questions can be hard, but not impossible. If you feel you can answer a question go for it. Just pay attention to your words, whether your talking to a fellow student or teacher. There's no need to be nervous; no one know your high. If you didn't want to talk, but were called on, just breath deep, think and give it your hardiest.

Day Dreamers: So what happens if you were too high to care and weren't paying attention. Your sitting there and some of the class and the teacher are staring right at you. The best thing to do if you haven't already acknowledged their stares is to continue looking unaware and wait for the teacher to reissue the question. If you can try to have a serious look on your face.

If you've already looked, then you can either say "sorry, what was that", or just say nothing and shrug.

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