October 25, 2009

BLH Special: Halloween - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrid

This is a Special "BLH" or Baked Life Halloween, Strain Encyclopedia post

Halloween is an appropriately mysterious weed. When you ask aroundnd a few people say they've tried it, but the reports can be so different it's hard to know if if it really exists. Depending on where you go the weed sold as Halloween could just be a promotional ploy.

The real thing, or the main one is a Sativa. It's known to have bright orange hairs and, bwa ha ha, eerie light green leaves. The laugh is for effect. It's not too dense, and it's covered in crystals that glow in the moonlight.

The taste is sweet but hardly noticeable. Those who reported a taste of candy corn, where usually just eating candy corn at the time. It's not harsh on the throat, but it can build up quickly in the lungs. Halloween has a cerebral sativa energy high, it's bewitching.

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