October 5, 2009

Campus Cannabis - School and the Stoner

Smoking weed during your college semester isn't a bad thing, as long as your also being a good college student. Smoke a spliff then study a chapter, it's all about balance.

Most college students have been back at school for a while now. For those who smoke weed this is a lifestyle check point. When school starts up students can't do all those great things they did in summer. They can't party as much, they can't hang out, play video games, go to the beach (it's too cold anyway), etc. Basically they have to tone down their habits, and the first few weeks is spent finding that balance. What about pot smokers, what do they have to change about their lifestyle. Is it a good idea to hotbox it on the way to class everyday?

A lot of the studies sponsored by our government in the early 1900s portrayed the affect of marijuana use on college students as exceedingly negative. Most of them were lying. It's impossible to say that "marijuana use" in general will cause students to perform negatively, but it's important to know what the affect is, and what potential it has to affect one's studies.

One case has been made and remade for the use of marijuana scholastically. It's been summed up in a single phrase: "Study high, Take the Test High, Get High Grades".

This is the best place to start. It's the a basic example of the studious stoner. It begs the question, if someone always smokes weed, but also studies hard will they be able to get good grades. If we say no then that means that weed alone affects the mind in a way that makes it impossible to learn. That could be possible, but it's unproven and unlikely. It seems obvious that we have to say that there are possible scenarios in which some could smoke weed all the time and get great grades. That means the real question is what about smoking weed might cause someone not to do well.

Smoking weed like any other human activity has the ability to be abused. So, it would be a lie to say that smoking weed has no affect on a person's academic success. What it really comes down to is that person, are they using marijuana in a way that is counter effective to their school life. Just like playing video games, or exercising, socializing, or anything else it is possible for weed to get in the way of our long term priorities.

Weed is just another part of human life. It doens't take over. Or at least it doesn't have to take it over. Being a good stoner accomplishing all of your goals.

Next Week: Campus Cannibas - How to Survive Being High in Class

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