September 13, 2009

We Write 4 U - Marijuana Activism

The battle to end Marijuana Prohibition has to be fought on two fronts. Firstly the public has to know the truth, and that's why sites like ours try to spread marijuana awareness, news, and culture. The second part is changing it, "legally". To actually legalize marijuana we the voters have to mobilize our government to act on our behalf.According to the Huffington Post, a majority of Americans are already for the legalization of marijuana. So the only problem still out there is to let our representatives know how we want them to vote through, letters, protests, petitions, etc.


WeWrite4u is a program that aims at getting everyone involved in ending marijuana prohibition. For one dollar you can be sure your making a difference. Because each dollar means a letter is sent to our law makers.There's now no excuse to not use your voice as a citizen.

We can't actually send a letter pretending we're you. So instead we send a reminder to the law maker, that the public is pushing for Legalization. We also include for them access to our petition. Which you can join by sending your name and zip code with your payment using the box below or by sending it to our email,

All payments can be anonymous, but we encourage you to include at least your zip code so we can send a letter to the congressman from your district. If you have any other questions email Each additional letter along with our growing petition, puts pressure on our government to act on behalf of the people and end prohibition.

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