September 21, 2009

The Movies, On Weed by Ryan Harshbarber

Remember the first time you watched a movie high? Chances are you probably don't but the emotion is still pulsating through your veins is it not? I can remember the early 2000's wonderful collection of stimulating films, that not only glued me to my seat but also seduced every neruotransmission in my brain. Still to this day every time I watch the first Matrix film high I get that very same feeling. The greatest part to me was always the pre-movie ritual of gathering all that were going and blazing some of the finest northern buds Indiana could offer.

There's just something about that almost shamanistic ritual we all go through before unleashing ourselves amongst the unaware public. I have seen almost the same steps carried out within every stoner coven I have had the privilege of smoking with. Even the worst movies ever made somehow always manifest themselves with grandeur and theatrical excellence. Pootie Tang for example; I recently found myself watching this movie sober and wondering, “what the hell exactly did I find so funny about it the first time?” As time has went by and movies have evolved into more intricate CGI's and Anime's I am even more blown away by how so many people just don't understand why smoking and movies match up like peanut butter and jelly.

Understand I come from a very boring town where we had very little to entertain ourselves so a good portion of our time was spent getting high and walking around Wal-Mart, which I must say can be a challenge at 3:00 in the afternoon.“Nothing compares to going to see a movie high,”at least that's my opinion. I recently saw 9, WOW!! This movie was incredible I was lucky enough to score some intense buds before we left and the story and the graphics are something everyone should be mandated to watch. OK, maybe that was a little overboard but I'm just wracking my brain with the intensity of this movie.

I can find myself for hours going through my DVD's and always experiencing something new every time. It's never a let down, just like good music it draws you in and enhances every aspect of the vibrations. The majestic ambiance of theaters is something every pot head can appreciate. It's like the architecture was sculpted for stoners.

Cheech and Chong I think had a very good understanding of this and that's why they took the world by surprise in the 70's and unleashed some of the best stoner movies ever. I mean come on how many times have you watched Up In Smoke? There's been times I have watched 6 hours of Anime without subtitles and yes in Japaneses. Not understanding a damn word that was being said but by god the graphic kick ass. About a year ago I got high with my mom and watched the entire second season of Roseanne,which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. After it was over however I wanted to take a road trip to Illinois to see if Lanford was really there and if it was stop at Waffle House and get some hash browns.

In retrospect movies are just so much better when your high......

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