September 8, 2009

Coming out of the "Pot Closet" pt. 1 - Nearly Standing Stoner

Baked Life Column, Nearly Standing stoner discusses some of the pot stigmas in today's society.

Despite the growing popularity and normalization of Marijuana in much of modern culture, there are still people and places for whom/where Marijuana is still regarded as bad, stupid, or dangerous. The drug is still largely illegal and people are ignorant about cannabis. Many grow up thinking Marijuana is seriously, evil, or damaging. I don't think there's anything wrong with not smoking, there are many valid reasons not to smoke. What's ridiculous is adults having to hide it from their friends, those their dating, their parents, or anyone else in their lives.

It seems that most of the people I meet now are people who smoke weed or are completely cool with it. I started to think that it had gotten to the point where society was pot friendly. Then the Michael Phelps story hit, and the reactions were outrageous, backwards, and childish. Kelloggs, from whom I haven't bought a box a cereal from since, dropped Phelps from as a sponsor. They dropped the most popular athlete at the time as a sponsor for smoking. Their decision makers though it was prudent, or just, to drop the winner of eight Olympic gold medals as a sponsor. Eight gold medals! That's ridiculous.

Phelps is still apologizing, and everyone is acting like he should. When the topic came up on the Tonight Show it Jay Leno, like every time, Michael Phelps apologized, tail between his legs, and the audience clapped. Ridiculous. Unfortunately, this is indicitive of attitudes and situations all over the country, and the world.

It's dangerous to be an open stoner, or even admit to liking weed. I've been to parties where I would return from smoking only to face judgmental glances. Just ask anyone dealing with coming out of the "pot closet" with their parents. Even though it can seem funny it's really sad that so many people have to hide a part of who they are from those with whom they share their lives with.

Wether at work, school, or anywhere people who smoke weed are constantly hiding. It's not because it's dangerous, it's because people don't know it's not dangerous. and their stubbornly ignorant.

Besides the social casualties, it's gotten to the point nearly 1 million where arrested per year for simple possesion. That's just having weed. Many of those people are good people. Some were patients, but many more where fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. They got caught with weed, and we allowed them to be ripped from their homes, causing destruction and sadness. Just because they liked to smoke. wtf

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