September 1, 2009

Canada Matters and Manners - Nearly Standing Stoner

Baked Life column, Nearly Standing Stoner, looks briefly at Canadian pot controversy Marijuana Prohibition. Feedback:

The prohibition of marijuana anywhere but especially in the United States has been a display of the human capacity for fear, ignorance and deceit. Those against legalization are either incredibly ignorant of the truth, afraid to live in a free society, or are so selfish that lying has become an easily justifiable means to their financial end. Those for it have been to afraid to speak up, or have lost credibility trying to make excuses for it's legitimacy. The latter attempt to sneak it in using mottos like "Medical Marijuana", "Cash-Crop", or "Religious Sacrament". Sure not everyone stating those causes is using it as a facade, but what they don't realize is that most of the people agreeing with them are.

American stoners have had to look at the example set in other countries for hope. Amsterdam seems to be the "holy grail" of those countries, but it's nearing the end of it's lonely top rank. Latin American countries have begun to shed the weight of American anti-drug pressure. They've begun to realize the war on drugs is costing them the most and it's entirely ineffective. Portugal has already legalized small quantaties and the result was actually a decrease in use.

Canada has also been a haven for "Fuck American Drug Policy" style thinking and progression. Vancouver's Vansterdam is supposed to be North America's central pot escape. Canadians have long been ridiculed for having little of interest besides Degrassi and hockey. Their pot progressivism was just about to put them on the map as a country of sovreign principles, but they fucked that up.

If you don't know who Marc Emery is then your not Canadian and you probably steer clear of pot in the media. He really isn't all that important as an individual, but as an example his persona is priceless. He sold marijuana seeds and marijuana magazines (cannabis culture). Now he's being extradited to the U.S. to be tried and sentenced to up to life in prison for his sale of pot seeds.

Canada's willingness to turn over one of their own citizens to be imprisoned for a life, for a crime that is not a crime in their country, is sad and weak. We see government turning on it's own people. It is tantamount to America offering Lisa Ling's unimportant sister back to the Koreans and asking them to keep her. Eventhough she's of no signifiance we wouldn't do that, because a governments soul purpose is to proliferate the will of it's people. And according to Canadian law Canadian people don't think people like Marc Emery should go to jail, so he shouldn't.

The games of Marijuana Prohibition will and are continuing. Homes are broken, money wasted, lives lost, humanity stunted. I no longer hope for an end to prohibition. I see at as a symptom of a civilization with a sick system, and hope for those suffering that it gets well soon.


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