August 31, 2009

Ryan Harshbarger - An Unnatural Shift

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“Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn't the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural?”, Bill Hicks

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without all the hypocrisy? Why is it that in 1969 the governments new prohibition slogan was laced with such vile and menacing rhetoric? The War On Drugs was implemented as the new high point of American history. In fact in recent years it has been looked at as the “wrong choice of words.”I honestly cannot remember the last time I got high and wanted to murder someone or at least throw Molotov cocktails at my neighbors house. I believe that the censorship of marijuana is easily traced back to the “Hippie Culture.” These demonic free-thinkers that live in the woods and listen to that anti- American poetry by Allen Ginsberg. “You know the anti-war crowd.”

The early 1960's was an interesting time in America, rebellion was in the air and strange vibes coming from the minds of the youth, a difference of opinion towards the establishment. Women were gaining recognition and the blacks were still struggling to earn there rightful places. The Vietnam War was looming on the minds of every teenage boy as an unnatural shift. Tragically America has been under a spell since the early 1900's when wartime socialism was forced into play by the Wilson regime. We were told “do not question authority and trust in the government because they were the ones who know best...” The stage had been set many years earlier to sort of trick the sheep into following the rest of the herd.

However, their were many rebels that choose to grind the gears and question; Exactly what the hell is going on? The founding fathers if you will of freethinkers were immediately pegged as “commies” or “losers.” They were followed by unmarked cars and had their own FBI files drawn up.

It is actually very simple when you think about it. “Free thinkers rattle the cages.” Why else in 1971 did Richard Nixon publicly declare drug abuse as “public enemy No.1?”

Paranoia is a trait that can be found in all of us at some point. Imagine being the man in power and a bunch of “hippies,” that never used to complain are now suddenly scrutinizing your every move “especially when war is being force fed to them.” Jesus, these men were scared that we were expanding.” Opening our minds to other means of survival. We just so happened to smoke weed to expand. Find me one stoner that ever justified war or any evil act at that. “The message has and always will be peace,” It is the politicians and the social elite's that have objected to the opposition.

“We should rise up and take back our personal freedoms...... “

Everyone needs to act in a positive and educated manner.Write your congressman, put together awareness packets and send them out to educate. To be a free-thinker theses days is a great thing. I unfortunately have been put in jail three times for marijuana. I got busted with a roach and did 18 hours in a stinking cell and am now I'm in the system. Why? Because I smoke pot I'm a criminal according to many. The goal we need to set for the next year is to not only raise awareness but make those with power understand how much time and money they are wasting on such petty nonsense. Arrest the rapists! Leave the pot heads alone.

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