August 18, 2009

Nearly Standing Stoner

Nearly Standing Stoner, is a look at the world of social norms, psychology, philosophy, literacy, artistry and humor through the eyes of a stoner. It is a new Baked Life column. Send feedback and enjoy.

Marijuana changes daily life style when it becomes a part of it. Every time we become something new like an employee, gamer, coffee drinker, or artist we take on a bunch of new words and perspectives. It's the same when you enter the baked life and become a stoner.

When I gamed for a little while any person I knew who acted awkwardly or was in any way ignorant became a "noob". And any noob would eventually by tripping, misspeaking, or doing anything worthy of the title would commit a "fail", a word so popularized in forums and through stuff like the

Stoners and every other class of smoker have their words, techniques, taboos, and that list of facts you "should know" because "everybody knows", too. For instance you must be able to identify Tommy Chong, Cheech Marin, and Seth Rogen, in some groups maybe even Marc Emmery. Also don't forget to add spliff, dub, bubbler, etc to your vocabulary. Okay not seriously but every pothead I've ever met new at least who the first three people were.

I believe the affect marijuana has on a user is largely determined by that person. I wonder though, if simply smoking weed can cause people to expand specific vocabularies and sharpen certain perspectives, then what else. I'm sure it goes beyond allowing you to discuss how the current season of Weeds doesn't have enough weed in it, and it doesn't. It helps you realize guys can sit through the extra half hour after Weeds and watch Nurse Jakie, but that's only half the daily benefit.

If I paid more attention to a friend calling me "a fool who handles his one's weed like it was his own" (insulting), I would think about how that principle is transferable to my thoughts on value differences between individual's perspectives and other personal property respect issues. When I'm smoking out others or being smoked out, I could think about how innate systems of reciprocation, karma, and simple good will always thrive in small groups like this, but fail in any population greater than eight people. In large groups it takes specific rules for people to cooperate.

This isn't about phony stony philosphy, it's just the culture.

All of these things are painted, acted out, and demonstrated daily in my social interactions. My identity as a marijuana smoker affects their content and alters their medium. To me they are my own personal examples of a society that's growing, trying to evolve into a utopia, to be fully but civilized or just free. I will think and write this column with the knowledge of how being a stoner has entertained and taught me.

- Nearly Standing

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