August 22, 2009

! Mexico Legalizes Marijuana !

On Friday, August 21st, Mexico legalized marijuana. According to the limits, set for "personal use", it is now legal to be in possession of up to 5 grams of weed. To Americans, this must be surprising, and causing a range of emotions from jealousy to joy, to bitter contempt. Depending on what the lean of your news supplier is, your probably hearing this represented in any shade from "irresponsible third-world leaders" to "struggling/innovative third world leaders".

From us you'll only get facts, but know that Baked Life went to the moon off the energy this story carried.

The new law set legal personal use limits on everything from weed to heroin. If you don't know what's between weed and heroin then you haven't had enough fun and or watched enough movies. The only other two substances included in the law were meth and cocaine.

What Baked Life wants to know is if there's going to be any law against dispensaries. For any Californian the prospect of a new Amsterdam so close to home induces salivation.Though that's unlikely as the government is making obvious moves to say that this wasn't meant as a pro-pot action.

The official word from Mexico is that this act will hopefully remove the possibility of corrupt police officers forcing bribes out casual drug users. The problem with this excuse is everyone can tell it's an excuse, and it somewhat weakens the power of influence it had as a cultural and progress action.

Still, they definitely made a statement of independence in setting their own policy, and standing as one of the few countries that is no longer blindly following the USA's tragic, childish prohibition of marijuana.

The law also promotes free drug counseling. It goes so far as to assign mandatory counseling to anyone caught with above the personal use quantity, three or more times. No penalties for ditching have been set.

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