April 20, 2009

Lambsbread - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Sativa

Another almost lost cannabis strains is Jamaican Lamb's Bread (often confused with Jamaican Lamb's Breath).Lamb's Bread is getting increasingly difficult to find, due to the popularity and profitability of the hybrid sativa/indica crosses from Dutch growers. Rumor has it though, that serious medicinal marijuana growers from have kept the strain pure and very much alive.

It has tight round buds that bunch together. The smell and taste are both spicy, but most will tell you that there's nothing really special about them. The high on the other hand always get's high ratings. Given that it's a sativa it won't immobilize you, but it'll make any task a dream. It's high energy and ability to provoke thought is always good for conversation and other social situations.

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