August 28, 2009

The Hempest - Hempest.Com

Hemp is a 200 million dollar industry. This number includes companies in fields ranging from food to rope and cosmetics. A large portion is also in the retail clothing industry. Hemp is an advantageous fabric for textiles, because it's both soft and strong. For pot smokers hemp is a cultural choice, and another way they can support all things marijuana.

Many smokers and tokers would love to have a few hemp items in there drawers or wardrobes but they have no clue where to pick up some items. The problem is it's not always possible to find local shops that sell hemp products.Well, Baked Life has found one online retailer, that gives you hemp that looks good. Hempest's clothes aren't just pro-pot they actually look good.

In a time where the products we pay for are rarely what we're paying for it's hard to really know what we're buying. And in a culture that highly values spending power and money as a form of speech and change that can be frustrating and it's actaully quite a big deal. That's why the aternatives companies like Hempest provide are so crucial.

Whether you searching they're catalogue as a male or female you'll find clothes that are current stylistically. Not just current, progressive. This company is dedicated not only to bringing awareness to marijuana reality, but also to the green movement. In our current economic climate it's time for people to take the statement their money makes more seriously.

For many stoners, their friends, and other familiar with the culture of hemp and it's benefits to all people, Hempest.Com allows them to make concious economic decisions. They can purchase a product from a company whose values they know and respect.

Visit and read more about their company. Hear about how they trying to heal our enviroment and the scars and misinformation caused by prohibition.

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