July 16, 2009

Drink T.H.C. - The Hangover Cure

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a small black vile of sweet pink powder. I know your thinking strawberry cocaine but it was The Hangover Cure.

Each small vile from www.drinkthc.com allegedly contains enough pink dust to cure one hangover. Allegedly because when a substance claims it can cure a hangover you can't take it at it's word, or motto. So when I got my one time use capsule I did what any upright journalist would, I decided to test it out.

The instructions on the side clearly stated that I mix the powder with water and drink after a night of "debauchery". (debauchery- excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures; intemperance.) Well I took it to heart and set out to analyze T.H.C in in the prescribed manner.

Normally one bowl before bed and maybe one in the morning stifles most hangovers, but after I got home late at night I traded in my pipe and lighter for one glass of pink goodness. And it does taste quite good. I also found out the hardest part of a hangover cure isn't just remembering to take it, it's being stable enough to.

My verdict in the end was a positive one. In the morning I felt almost no side affects from the previous day. All of the feelings nauseousness and body weakness were gone. Though, my head still felt a little fuzzy until all the dead brain cell carcasses were swept out of my neural pathways.

So I say T.H.C. is the next best thing to weed for hangovers, and if you use the two together your bound to end up in hangover free bliss. With the name T.H.C. they just about branded themselves as the official pot smokers hangover cure. they sell at $5 bucks a piece of $30 for 10. I suggest shelling out $60 and filling up a drawer so you never run out.

Think how awesome it would be to never get hangovers. Plus all your stoner friends will appreciate the gift when in need. Plus they're cool blunt, spliff, or joint containers when empty. A tip I got direct from the company. How sick are they.

Check it out, buy it, let me know what you think. DrinkTHC.com
Baked Life, Peace.

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