July 23, 2009

Cheech and Chong: Tron Remix

I was sent this video by Casey Basichis. It's a psychedelic mash up of Madoff, Greesnpan, and Mozilo (not Mozilla, as in Firefox), each a symbol of our economic demise. It also feature fresh new footage of Cheech and Chong "the most beloved tokers" engaging in articulate and relevant banter, a road that ends in a cliff, the fall drops you in bright lights, chaos, and a trippy beatboxed back track.

Basichis sent me the video because as is all to often his project was taken out of his hands. Hopefully we can all provide him some of the recognition he deserves. Art in all mediums is taxing to create, but all any artist needs (besideds rent) is for a handful of people to pay attention to what they're producing.

Check out the video and search out the artist.
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