June 30, 2009

To break or not to break.

Smoking weed is amazing fun. It relaxes the nerves and the mind. It makes all the great things in life, (food, music, sex, etc), better. That's why we smoke it, that's why we love. As the culture around marijuana grows, we hear more and more people praising pot, but we also hear people from the other side, tearing it down. If we look at the issue honestly then you realize that neither is completely correct. Weed is great but until you learn to pace yourself, you'll find yourself needing breaks.

The hard part is knowing when "To Break or Not to Break"

"Taking a Break", is the most infamous part of being a stoner. It alone shakes the very foundation of recreational smokers. It begs the question: if weed is something I need to take a break from, then should I even be using it at all. There's no clear answer to that, but it might help if we understood why we need breaks in the first place.

Pot is like anything that gives us pleasure, it's addictive. There are two types of being addicted, there's the physical addictiveness found in toxic drugs like, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, cocaine, etc; then there's the mental high from things like food, video games, sex, and of course marijuana.

With mental addictions it's hard to judge when someone is addicted. Normally we don't refer to some one as addicted unless their action is causing harm. For instance no one (or at least no one who is well informed) would call someone who was eating, doing homework, or even smoking a bowl an addict. Unless they were constantly over eating, spending an unhealthy amount of hours perfecting their homework, or frequently too high to function.

This may sound cheesy but the secret to all things addiction is moderation. In fact this can apply to all areas of our life. If you can learn to enjoy electricity, money, television, video games, and of course marijuana, in a responsible way you'll find efficiency and stability in the balance.

So for all of you spending your last duckets on a dime and indulging in other unhealthy smoking habits, make sure your not focusing too much time on weed. Smoking is great but there is pleasure to be found in everything. I'd never suggest a break to any specific person, but I ask every to consider for themselves taking an afternoon, week, or even a month off.

Stay in Control.

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