May 24, 2009

Cannabis Concepts: Web 2.0

About a week ago I published an editorial of sorts dissing and it's now confirmed High Times sponsors. Afterwards though I felt I wasn't being fair. Not to, that site sucked, but I felt I was being unfair to you the reader. How can I tell you not to go to one site and then supply no alternatives. So I've decided to put together a list of sites that transform the basic theme of marijuana into unique and enjoyable interactive web 2.o pages.
is awesome. Go there to vote on other peoples stoner thoughts, and watch the cream (or creams) of the crop rise to the top.
is like Youtube for weeeed. Now I know I said that was like, but for weeed, and I said that that was lame. But this is different, because it's nice to have an uncensored freedom from youtube. Plus it's actually a well made site.

has cool forum topics for every stoner on every category. The community seems cool too. And since no one goes to the Baked Life Forums, I'm sure you are still in need of a good stoner community forum.

"drugs are bad, kids"

You may remember I did a story on a while ago. On that post (click here to see it) I talked about how 420chan is an image board. What makes it interesting is like all "chan" boards it has a very active community, and the exchanges are every kind of interesting. Meaning from raunchy and grotesque to politics, art and trends.

That's the best I can do for now. Check back for updates and more.

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