April 22, 2009

Weed Hates Britney Spears

Stoned Opinion

I will prelude this post with a promise that this will be my only Britney
spears post. Unless of course extenuating circumstance's extenuate, voiding any fear of the topic being revealed as the top of. That said this isn't an apology just an assurance never wavering genuineness.

Rambling done... A couple of weeks ago Britney Spears played a show in Vancouver. The show ended up starting 30 minuets late. According to her, or whoever makes up her statements, it was because of weed smoke. I understand that not everyone likes the smell of weed, but no one, musicians least of all, fear it. Still, this isn't what really made her look like hypocrotopotamus (hippopotamus and hypocrite hybrid); really though she wasn't being hypocritical or a hippo, just and idiot.

At the end of the show she yelled, "Drive Safe, Don't Smoke Weed, Rock Out With Your Cocks Out". (And yes every word was capitalized)

She said this while fleeing the stage and the potential for negative reactions.

Nothing she did up till now really bothered me. I didn't care about the craziness, or the relationship stuff. Who cares, people like her music so let her go wild. Even the reckless mother stuff didn't bother me. Baby robins leave the nest after two weeks, and yet it takes humans years to be self sufficient, in a modern society. Maybe we need the extra natural selection in the form of semi-conscious mothers to speed up our maturity rate. Does this make me look bad.

Oh and I'm also anti-rape, I just don't see how it's that much worse than traditional assualt. Aside from the emotional emphasis we have become paranoid and frightened enough to place on sexual acts and "private parts".

Whew, wait I want to tell you about my holocaust hologram theory... Maybe next time.

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