April 20, 2009

Vanilla OG - Baked Life's Strain Encycolopedia - Hybrid

Vanilla OG, "the essential ingredient", is a sativa dominant hybrid. This strain is often confused with Banana OG because of their similarity in appearance and high. It's probably also because it's not known quite as well as it's fellow sativa dominant strain.

It's buds are large and covered with rock like crystals. The leaves are loose and expansive, but you can barely see them. Besides being covered in THC and light orange hairs, the leaves are also covered in short white hairs.

The vanilla smell seems not to be a single scent but rather a bunch of common smells. Yes this bud can smell like weed, but it's all in the nose of the beholder. Fortunately the beholder will have the Vanilla OG to assist his ruminations. Vanilla Og is an active, energetic high. It has that awesome sativa hybrid high. It's sharp edge is rounded off and it makes for a light and airy day.

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