April 20, 2009

Super Skunk - Baked Life's Strain Encycolopedia - Hybrid

Super Skunk is a cross between Skunk (#1) and Afghani, a powerful blend that resulted in an Indica Dominant hybrid. This is another premium strain and was awarded an award from High Times in 1990 to prove it.

Since then it's retained it's popularity. The nugs of this strain are of medium density, but they're sticky and resinous. It'll put your grinder to work. You can see the relatively large crystals sitting atop it's orange hairs and bright green leaves.

Super Skunk is super dank. It's smell doesn't outrank that of forest variety skunks, but it's pungent in it's own right. It's legendary skunk aroma is deepened by it's Indica genetics. The smoke it produces is thick and hash like. After the inevitable ccough, you'll experience a very warm body high. It's a wonderful down time smoke.

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