April 25, 2009

Roor, Marijuana Power Brand

There's no doubt the Michael Phelps excitement was nothing but good for Roor. They got a picture of their bong being used by the second most successful guy right now all over the news. In first place, simply for the importance of the achievement, is Obama, and even he's doing his share to help out Marijuana right now. It seems Roor picked a great time to be in the marijuana business.

Roor deserves full credit for their sucess. Even without Phelps and the current cannabis craze they would have done well. Their bongs are known for their smooth and stylish products. For true connoiseures, and people who take bong design and functionality, they skills are legendary. In fact, they make bongs so well they don't have to just make bongs anymore. They're selling skateboards, t-shirts, hats, and watches too. All with the power of a strong brand, which is something that's quite new to pot culture

Brand power is evedent in most areas in our life, Sony, Pepsi, Fender, HBO, they're all over the place, and now pot culture is getting it's own. In the last few years marijuana themed merchants have been growing in frequency. Pot is a relatively new market and watching it grow is going to be exciting. High Times was the first and only major stoner brand for a while, but they really never used their name recognition to branch out from their magazine. Until very recently with their book The Official High Times Pot Smokers Handbook. Now though Roor has joined their ranks, encouraging others to follow.

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