April 20, 2009

Pure Kush - Baked Life's Strain Encycolopedia - Indica

With a name like Pure Kush a lot is expected from this strain. It's no coincidence that this bud is also pure Indica. The genetics of this strain go back to the very popular, Ganddaddy Purple Strain. The tight arid buds aren't covered with THC, but are lightly frosted. In fact it's low THC percentage is reason enough to question it's claim to fame and such a proud name.

For those who like a mellow high there is true joy to be found in Pure Kush. It's golden orange hairs stand out on a bud with a strong, geen leaves; which occasionally have a bluish hue to them. The smell and taste are both mild, but on close inspection there are fruity undertones.

The high is mellow. It gives you that traditional Indica body high. The high provides buzz and vibration that spreads accross on and under under your skin. What it doesn't do is weigh you down too much.

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