May 7, 2009

Not Diggin

Recently has begun advertising massively for The concept for this new site is simple, but it's also the same as another already successful site, The way it works is a user submits a site and others can click the link to examine the content. If the site, article, photo, whatever is well liked it rises in popularity on the site, and becomes prominently displayed on the front and "top" pages.

I'm not sure why thought their version would be more popular. It seems as if people think since marijuana is growing in popularity and acceptance they can use it to make anything popular. They forget the importance of originality. deserves to fail. Don't go to it. Stoners can use the already polished and well updated like the rest of humanity. Pot does not define those who smoke it. It is not an identity, though it can be said to produce a certain lifestyle. There is no need to marijuanize everything, that kind of intentional alienation would only make it more difficult for cannabis culture to blend into society. That said I hope no one is offended by this good natured critique.

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