April 20, 2009

Master Kush - Baked Life's Strain Encycolopedia - Indica

Master Kush, a cross of the pure Indica strain Hindu Kush and Skunk, is an Indica hybrid. It is an example of a very dense, THC rich compact bud that is decorated with large white or orange hairs and trichomes. The leaves are broad. The big green nugs have spots of purple on them, and release a sweet smell when you break them open.

Master Kush has a direct link to the pure Indica's found in the Middle East Region.

Master Kush is a smooth, not so harsh weed to consume. The thick smoke has a sweetened hash flavor. The high gives you a peaceful state of relaxation. It produces a powerful Indica, body high. This is definitely a downtime smoke. The long lasting buzz will put you to sleep easily.

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