April 20, 2009

King Kush - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Indica

King Kush, a reliable 100 % Indica Strain, is one of very few buds with a masculine name. Mostly because all Cannabis plants used for smoking are feminine. This Kush though could be some sort of hermaphroditic strain (no... not seriously). That said let's continue.

The leaves on the nugs of King Kush are all fairly short. They're also light green, which allows for a noticeable contrast between them and the very dark orange hairs crawling all of the plant. The hairs almost look brown. The leaves are often coated in crystals making them even lighter.

King Kush smokes smoothly. It has a dark earthy, or musty smell, almost like a lumberjacks clologne. The taste is kushy (hash flavor) and chemical. This bud won't knock you out. It's spacier than most Indicas. Instead of making you tired it just clears your head. King Kush sounds "epic" but it's really low-key and relaxing.

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