April 20, 2009

Kimchi (Kim-Chi) Kush - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Indica

Codename: "The real reason Bill Clinton went to South Korea"

Kimchi (Kim-Chi) the Korean side dish and the marijuana strain have two things in common they're both spicy; oh and three, they'll both kick your ass. This exotically named bud is a pure Indica. It is a really potent stoner bud, Kim-chi Kush kept Bill Clinton exhaling all the way back from Korea.

It can have dark or light green leaves, but what really stands out is the abundance of orange hairs. They wrap around the tight buds making them look like little treats. Litte treats covered in beautiful little crystals. The nugs are really fun to look at.

The taste of the smoke is like a earthy hash. It's spicy, but not a harsh smoke at all. Your lungs and tongue will both be happy. Kim-Chi smells potent, pungent, and perfect. It's aroma let's you know it means business. That doesn't stop people from being surprised at how high they get. This Kush will knock you down. This is a super down time smoke, for when you need that end of day relaxation.

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