April 20, 2009

Jerry Garcia Kush - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Indica

Smoking Jerry Garcia Kush should be the main event of a Jerry Garcia Holiday. A group of people could get together light up some Jerry Garcia Kush then settle down to listen to some Grateful Dead Vinyls while eating indiviudal pints of Cherry Garicia ice cream from Baskin Robbins. A new National Holiday has just been created.

Jerry Garica Kush is really great to look at. It's leaves are both dark and light green. There are spots of really dark purple everywhere the leaves are curled back. The real stunner is the thick crystals and the thick glaze of resin sticking them to the beautiful buds. There are also thin orange hairs garnishing this visual treat.

Jerry Garcia smells like a "purple". It has a deep hash sent. It's a little different from other indicas in that it has a slight scent of jasmine. It's smoke is more or less smooth, whether or not you cough depends on you and your smoking device. The high spreads slowly throught your body, while you feel a building pressure in your head. Before you know it you'll be stoned, really stoned. Smoke some at the end of the day and relax with a few records from the late sixties psychedelic era. You will feel good.

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