April 20, 2009

Jack Herer - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrids

Jack Herer (or Jack Herrer or Jock Horror), a dominant Sativa, is one of the most highly acclaimed hybrids out there. It's namesake was the author of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" a popular historical text on cannabis. Herer, the weed, has won many awards, and has even been declared an official medicinal grade marijuana in the Netherlands.

It's buds are dense sticky and almost look like a light green because of the plants natural color and the sticky white crystals covering it. If the plant keeps it's hairs, they become red almost maroon. It's smell and taste are mixture of skunk and a mildly spicy hash.

The high is what really makes this strain popular. The buzz is mainly sativa, but you'll notice it let's you relax a little more. Many say this is a great bud for just freeing your mind from the context of daily life, so you can just be you. It's very strong, though not overpowering. it's also fast acting and requires a smaller amount of weed to get you high. Many aged smokers say this is one bud that still gets them every time.

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