April 20, 2009

Ingrid - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Indica

Ingrid is a funny little bud, but it packs a fat punch. She also definitely represents the feminine side of the Indica family tree. Even though technically all of the weed used for smoking is from a female plant. Plus if crystals are dandruff in the cannabis world, her hygiene is slightly lacking.

Indgrid is a tight nug of fresh green leaves. Her orange hairs are covered in a sticky sheet of resin, and another layering cover of powdered on crystals. The crystals can sometimes look more white than clear (hence the joke about dandruff).

The first thing that sets her taste apart from most Indicas, is the sweet flavor. She keeps to tradition in that it's an earthy sweetness mixed in with a little hash flavor. Ingrid smells like nectar, sweet and planty. The high is a full body buzz. It can make it difficult to do tasks that require complex coordination. In other words this is a downtime smoke.

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