April 20, 2009

Herijuana - Baked Life's Strain Encycolopedia - Indica

Herijuana is a quickly rising in fame because of it's smooth ways and seductive sleepy highs. This plant is an Indica. It's dark green leaves are coated in crystals. The bunched up nugs are resinous and tough to break apart. Herijuana is often suggested as a Medicinal smoke because of it's consitstent attributes.

The buds smell amzing. They have a deep spicy hash smell, that's somehow not harsh at all, to smell. When it comes to taking the inhale you taste what you smelled, but the thick smoke might catch you by suprise and get you coughing. It's supreme Indica relaxation is prescribed medicinally for anxiety and stress disorders. It provides a legendery downtime chill that is well respected.

Herijuana is currently gaining more fame, especially because these ease of which it is grown by sultivators.

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