April 20, 2009

Green Spirit - Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrid

Green spirit is a hybrid, a cross of Big Bud and Skunk #1. Getting involved with this strain is somewhat of a risk. The plant is known by growers to be inconsistent. The strain has a higher probability of producing a large variety of plants. So who knows what your going to get. There are still good batches to be found is many places. You just have to trust the Spirit.

There are many physical appearances possible for Green Spirit; the one pictured is a representation of one of the dank productions of this strain. The leaves are both light and dark colored, accompanied by orange hairs and resinous crystals.

One of the stable elements of Green Spirit is it's taste. It tastes a little "skunky" with a sweet earthy twinge that makes it unique. The high is a mind booster. It amplifies cerebral activity, and sends a buzz through your body too.

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