April 20, 2009

Grape Ape - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrids

Grape Ape, a dominant Indica hybrid, is one of the most interesting looking buds out there. It's broad purple leaves are covered in a relatively thick layer crystals. It has a very strong grape smell that also has skunk undertones. The nugs are dense and very stick. They are also covered in dark green and orange hairs.

The buzz is quite as characteristically unique as it's smell or look. On inhale the taste isn't exactly what one would expect. Primarily because it doesn't really taste that much like grape initially. The first flavor is instead reminiscent of a hash, which is a common Indica strain flavor.

As you take the smoke in a breath out you taste the hints of grape. The high also speaks of it's Indica heritage, it's mostly a body high, but very relaxing and not too internal.

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