April 20, 2009

Golden Kush - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Indica

This is the smoke of royalty. Golden Kush is so potent many believe the metal gold was named for it, not the other way around . That may be true (it's not true, not true at all), the glittering crystals, and orange hairs can make this bud look like the real thing; especially in sunlight.

As it is with the "Kush"s, Golden Kush is an Indica. The leaves aren't bound too tight but they are thicker than usual. The hairs are darker than usual, giving this bud an aged look. The smell takes it up yet another notch because it's very pungent and skunky. Weed connoisseurs will find a lot to like about this bud.

The taste is skunky too, it also has a chemical tint to it. The smoke is pretty harsh on the lungs, it will send you into fits of coughing. Coughs that will get you higher and higher. Golden supplies a slow creeping body high. At it's peak it will knock you out and leave you happy. It's possible to stay awake, but this is definitely a down time smoke.

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