April 20, 2009

G13 - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrids

G13 is a legendary strain of weed. There was a time when many people believed the strain was invented by the C.I.A to be an extremely potent form of marijuana. n fact many people still believe it even though quite a few out there are "debunking the myth" on their marijuana databases. Whether or not the stories are true G13 is still a worthy strain.

You feel the potent effects of G13 right after you smoke. The taste isn't really noteworthy, but because or the near 20% and higher THC percentage the smoke will knock you on your fucking... rear for a while.

There's some debate as to whether it is sativa or indica high, and even the plant is said to be of non-specific dominance in traits. One thing that is agreed on dense buds and copius amounts of THC make G13 a top tier strain.

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