April 20, 2009

Fruity Thai - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrids

Fruity Thai is a unique hybrid. It is made up of 50% Indica and of course the same amount of Sativa. The growers were looking for a plant that grew as fast as Indicas but produced the cerebral high effects of sativa, a common goal. Eventually, they even marketed it as "the sativa that get's you high", referring to it's cerebral high rather than body stone that is a trait of sativas.

Alright enough history this bud smells delicious. It has a strong fruity blend aroma that isn't hard to notice. It's taste is equally as sweet and light. It's buds are dense and very stickt, even a grinder will have to work to break them. They're covered in a clear coating of crystals.

Fruity Thai's high is what they said it was. It's mostly cerebral, and the active high it delivers is crisp and mellow. It makes it easier to keep and shift focus at will. Immediately after smoking it produces a dreamy haze that enhance rather than so much alters perception. Great functional buzz.

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